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I heard this life was just a play with no rehearsal you can categorize me, because i defy every label while their selling dope, I'll be here exchanging hope


Erykah Badu and Riccardo Tisci in Paper Magazine.

The first time we met was at one of her concerts in New York a few years back. But the first time we actually connected was when she arrived to the set of the campaign. I was so nervous — it is rare to spend time with one of your idols, and she is truly one of my ultimate ones. She was nothing short of what I had in mind.

She arrived with the most outrageous hair (a solo braid long to the floor) and an amazing hat. She was the exact definition of style according to me. We clicked immediately. We hugged and talked for so long, about everything and anything. And we share so much more than aesthetics… I love her.

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This was more dramatic than all four seasons of american horror story combined

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Private show with the music blastin’

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